Zeitgeist to Premiere “The North Star” October 12 at Studio Z

Details for October 12-14 Performances at Studio Z

This evening, Minnesota-based quartet Zeitgeist will premiere “The North Star,” for clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, and 2 percussion. It is such an honor to be working with an ensemble that has built a legacy of over 40 years of performing, commissioning, outreach, and advocacy for new music. They will also perform “The North Star on October 13-14 as a continuation of the Here and There: Zeitgeist and No Exit Ensemble series, as well as another performance in Duluth, MN as part of the Greenlight New Music Festival. More information about GNMF can be found here.

Program Notes for “The North Star:”

“The North Star” serves as a historical and cultural tour of Minnesota’s main industries: logging, mining/shipping, agriculture, and manufacturing/technology. Inspired by traditional folk music, cultural records, state anthems, and binary computer and Morse codes, this work celebrates Minnesota and its important contributions to the United States, past and present. “The North Star” was composed for Zeitgeist, a Minnesota-based, musical icon.

Movement 1 quotes the melody from Minnesota logger Michael Cassius Dean’s, “The Falling of the Pine.” Movement 3 quotes the state song, “Hail! Minnesota,” composed by Truman E. Rickard and Arthur E. Upson. Both pieces are in public domain. Access to the sheet music was available through the Minnesota Folksong Collection and Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (accessed in summer 2018 online).


Alex Richard to premiere “Graphic Content No. 3” on September 21

Photo Credit Alex Richard

Percussionist Alex Richard will premiere “Graphic Content No. 3” this Friday on her senior recital at University of Tennessee-Knoxville. This is the third graphic score I have created as part of the ongoing “Graphic Content Series.” Alex commissioned this piece from me earlier this year, and I cannot wait to hear her interpretation of the score! She even used the score as her poster art for the recital! Live webcast streaming services are available through the University of Tennessee-Knoxville School of Music website on the day of the performance.

Project Announcements with Zeitgeist and ASU Symphony Orchestra

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Two upcoming project announcements!

This fall I have the amazing opportunity to work with Minnesota-based ensemble Zeitgeist to write them a new piece for the inaugural year of the Greenlight New Music Festival. The new work will be inspired by the various industries and cultures found in Minnesota, including mining, maritime work, agriculture, and logging. It certainly won’t be as comprehensive as one of my favorite albums by Sufjan Stevens as far as state culture (Illinois, 2005), but I will certainly take influence from that album! Zeitgeist is also hosting a Lowertown Listening Session before GNMF featuring my music!

This upcoming March, I am so fortunate to be working with the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra to premiere my first orchestra piece as well as a new concerto for Projeto Arcomusical and orchestra composed by the incredible Elliot Cole! I am constantly grateful for the opportunities I have received through Arcomusical, and I very much look forward to this project in the spring!

Projeto Arcomusical’s Second Album, “Spinning in the Wheel” Recorded at Kiwi Audio

Last week, Projeto Arcomusical went back into the studio to record our second album, Spinning in the Wheel (Rodar na Roda). Our sophomore album will include works by Elliot Cole, Gregory Beyer, Kyle Flens, Alexandre Lunsqui, and myself. We are looking forward to the next steps in the editing process with an anticipated release in Spring 2019! Shout out to our producer, Ben Wahlund, engineer Dan Nichols, Kiwi Audio owner Brad Showalter, Elliot Cole, and all the members of Projeto Arcomusical: Gregory Beyer, Daniel Eastwood, Kyle Flens, Ethan Martin, and Raychel Taylor!


Trumpet/Percussion Duet Consortium Project Announcement

Trumpet/Percussion Duet Consortium Announcement/Agreement

Trumpet and percussion friends: my good friends Joe Pazanowski and Matthew Pazanowski have created a consortium project for a new, two-movement duet with me as the composer! We are looking for both pre-formed trumpet and percussion duos as well as individual performers for both instruments to support the project. If you are interested or know anyone who may be looking to help support the creation of new music, please let me know! Check out the attached document for more details, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks!

2018 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Award Announcement!

New Music Box: 2018 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Award Winners Announced

I am honored to be a recipient of the 2018 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Award for my berimbau song cycle, Meia (solo through sextet) from the Innova Recordings album, MeiaMeia. The response from this project and my work with Arcomusical is humbling, and to say that I am grateful would be an understatement. Thank you to everyone who has supported Arcomusical’s work along the way!

Individual pieces in the song cycle, Meia, include:

um só

Descobertas por pau e pedra


Queda de quatro

Mudança de onda

Apenas seja

MeiaMeia is on Innova Recordings.