Project Announcements with Zeitgeist and ASU Symphony Orchestra

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Two upcoming project announcements!

This fall I have the amazing opportunity to work with Minnesota-based ensemble Zeitgeist to write them a new piece for the inaugural year of the Greenlight New Music Festival. The new work will be inspired by the various industries and cultures found in Minnesota, including mining, maritime work, agriculture, and logging. It certainly won’t be as comprehensive as one of my favorite albums by Sufjan Stevens as far as state culture (Illinois, 2005), but I will certainly take influence from that album! Zeitgeist is also hosting a Lowertown Listening Session before GNMF featuring my music!

This upcoming March, I am so fortunate to be working with the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra to premiere my first orchestra piece as well as a new concerto for Projeto Arcomusical and orchestra composed by the incredible Elliot Cole! I am constantly grateful for the opportunities I have received through Arcomusical, and I very much look forward to this project in the spring!