Newest Trio, “Kenai,” to Premiere at Yale School of Music on February 7th

This Thursday, February 7th, I will present my newest trio for hammered dulcimer, guitar, and cello at the Yale School of Music. “Kenai” is inspired by and dedicated to my Uncle Dave, who gifted me his hammered dulcimer about four years ago. I will be performing with Nicoletta Todesco on guitar and Tanner Porter on cello. Looking forward to my first premiere at Yale!

Program Notes for Kenai:

This piece is dedicated to my Uncle, Dave, for being the first person to introduce me to the hammered dulcimer. When my uncle gifted me his hammered dulcimer a few years ago, I knew I wanted to honor this gift with an unique composition. My goal for this piece was to playfully highlight the slight differences between duple and triple rhythmic patterns, as well as explore the combined wide range and nuanced sounds of the cello, guitar, and hammered dulcimer. Uncle Dave, I hope someday you are able to move up to the Kenai Peninsula, your dream home.