New Video of “Apenas seja,” Berimbau Sextet

The Northern Illinois University School of Music recently posted a video of my berimbau sextet, “Apenas seja,” from the NIU Percussion Ensemble concert in Spring 2015. Performers include Gregory Beyer, Abby Rehard, Chris Mrofcza, Kyle Flens, and Daniel Eastwood. Enjoy!


Arcomusical at the Secluded Garden Music Series 2015

Three members of Arcomusical (Kyle Flens, Daniel Eastwood, and I) will be performing as part of the Secluded Garden Music Series 2015 at Tre Kronor Restaurant on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 at 7 pm CST. The restaurant is located at 3258 W. Foster Ave. in Chicago. For more information about the concert, please visit the Secluded Garden Website at:

To purchase tickets for the event, please visit:

Looking forward to this performance!

Murmuration Fundraiser Campaign Complete!

Hello everyone!

The commission fundraiser for my new composition project, “Murmuration,” was a great success! Thanks to the 22 donors who helped make this possible, we raised $1205!!! Part of this funding is going toward a recording of the piece after it is completed, so everyone who donated will receive a free copy of the recording as my way of thanking the donors. I am so excited to be working on this collaboration with Percussia from Queens, NY, and I hope that it cultivates more collaborations like this in the future. Thank you again to the donors for their help with the creation of new music!

Here is a thank you video that I put together for the end of the project:

Murmuration Commission Fundraiser for Percussia!

Murmuration Photo

I have been collaborating with Queens, New York-based ensemble Percussia to compose a new work for their ensemble. Percussia consists of two percussionists, flutist, violist, and harpist. Two members of Percussia recently performed my duo Sacred Spirits: Forces of Nature at the Queens New Music Festival in May 2015.

This new composition is going to be entitled Murmuration, and more information about the project can be found on the Razoo campaign website:

Thank you for your support!

MeiaMeia Recording Session Complete!


I just finished recording the MeiaMeia song cycle with Projeto Arcomusical this past week! All twelve compositions that Dr. Gregory Beyer and I have written for the berimbau over the past five semesters will be released as an album through Innova Recordings later this year! Thank you to our outstanding engineer, Dan Nichols, for his work in recording and future work in editing, mixing, and mastering. It is going to be an incredible album, and I am so excited to move on to the editing stages of the process!

Performance of “Um Só” (World Premiere) and “Apenas Seja” at NCUR 2015

On Friday, April 17th I will be presenting a clinic at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research at Eastern Washington University entitled Projeto Arcomusical – The Berimbau Beyond: An Innovative Approach to an Ancient Musical Bow. This will mark the world premiere of my solo berimbau piece “Um Só,” which is part of the MeiaMeia song cycle for Projeto Arcomusical. I will also be performing a traditional ladainha from Capoeira Angola called “O Mundo de Deus É Grande” and will show a video performance of my berimbau sextet, “Apenas Seja.” I am looking forward to sharing my compositions with the research community here in Washington!

More information about NCUR and my presentation can be found here:

Premiere of Berimbau Sextet, “Apenas Seja” on Tuesday, April 7th at Northern Illinois University

Tonight will be the premiere of my newest berimbau composition, Apenas Seja. It will be performed on the NIU Percussion Ensemble concert at 8 pm in the Boutell Memorial Concert Hall. Here are the program notes for the piece:

Apenas Seja (or “Just Be”) is a celebration of the past five semesters of composing for the Afro-Brazilian berimbau with Dr. Gregory Beyer. This sextet was written at a time when I was dealing with issues of self-confidence and my “artist statement,” so to speak. Writing this work helped me through that time and became a mental refuge that I could resort to for peace. One of the most inspiring mentors in my life once told me that I should just be, and everything will fall into place; this piece is dedicated to that philosophy. This composition explores various ostinati that pass through the ensemble, additive processes, and layered textures over seemingly simple and familiar harmonic progressions. Apenas Seja is also inspired by the music of Imogen Heap, the XX, and Emmy Rossum and is written for Projeto Arcomusical and the MeiaMeia song cycle.

I am looking forward to sharing this sextet with the community tonight! To see the performance on LIVE WEBCAST, please tune in here: