Arizona State University to Premiere “Splintered Light” for Orchestra on March 31

Courtesy of ASU Symphony Orchestra

I am honored to have the premiere of my first piece for orchestra this Sunday, March 31st at Arizona State University. Dr. Jefferey Meyer and the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra will perform “Splintered Light” as the opening work on their concert. Not only will my piece be premiered, but I will also be performing the premiere of Elliot Cole‘s “Roda Grande” for Projeto Arcomusical and orchestra! It will certainly be a day to celebrate as both a composer and performer. Here are the program notes for my new work for orchestra:

“Splintered Light” is a nickname for the natural phenomenon that describes the Sun’s rays breaking through clouds and creating pillars of light. I imagine the rays containing so much potential energy that they overwhelm the clouds, and light beams through. This piece is my interpretation of the splintered light that manages to shine through at the cloudiest of times.

Please click here for more information about the concert.

On top of our activities at Arizona State University, Projeto Arcomusical will also be working this week at Scottsdale Community College, Basha High School, Northern Arizona University, and the Musical Instrument Museum-MIM. We look forward to the upcoming workshops and performances this week!

Video Release of “Ondulação”

I am elated to finally share the video of my berimbau trio, “Ondulação,” which will be featured on Projeto Arcomusical’s new album! Our album, Spinning in the Wheel, includes new works by Elliot Cole, Greg Beyer, Kyle Flens, and myself. This is one of the many gorgeous videos that accompany the album, shot for us by Four/Ten Media. Not only do I believe that the videos offer a visual complement to the music, but Four/Ten was able to capture the joy that we have when we all play music together in Projeto Arcomusical, and I cherish that very much.

For more information about Spinning in the Wheel, or to order a pre-release copy, please click here. Spinning in the Wheel officially releases on March 8th on National Sawdust Tracks! Hope you can make it to one of our three album release shows:

March 7th – Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

March 10 – National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY

March 17th – Constellation, Chicago, IL

Projeto Arcomusical Sophomore Album, “Spinning in the Wheel,”on National Sawdust Tracks

Album art by Evan Chapman, photography by Ethan Martin

It’s finally here! Projeto Arcomusical is ecstatic to be releasing our sophomore album, Spinning in the Wheel, next Friday, March 8, on National Sawdust Tracks! This album features new music by Elliot Cole, Greg Beyer, Kyle Flens, and myself. Many thanks to Dan Nichols of Aphorism Studios for his masterful engineering as well as Ben Wahlund for his keen ear as album producer. Spinning in the Wheel was recorded in summer 2018 at Kiwi Audio in Batavia, IL.

There will be three album release shows in Illinois and New York! Below are links for each event:

March 7th – Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

March 10th – National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY

March 17th – Constellation, Chicago, IL

You can pre-order Spinning in the Wheel on bandcamp here.

Big shoutout also to Evan Chapman and Kevin Eikenberg at Four/Ten Media for their absolutely stunning videos that feature tracks from our new album! Here is the first video release, the fourth movement of Elliot Cole’s “Roda:”

Newest Trio, “Kenai,” to Premiere at Yale School of Music on February 7th

This Thursday, February 7th, I will present my newest trio for hammered dulcimer, guitar, and cello at the Yale School of Music. “Kenai” is inspired by and dedicated to my Uncle Dave, who gifted me his hammered dulcimer about four years ago. I will be performing with Nicoletta Todesco on guitar and Tanner Porter on cello. Looking forward to my first premiere at Yale!

Program Notes for Kenai:

This piece is dedicated to my Uncle, Dave, for being the first person to introduce me to the hammered dulcimer. When my uncle gifted me his hammered dulcimer a few years ago, I knew I wanted to honor this gift with an unique composition. My goal for this piece was to playfully highlight the slight differences between duple and triple rhythmic patterns, as well as explore the combined wide range and nuanced sounds of the cello, guitar, and hammered dulcimer. Uncle Dave, I hope someday you are able to move up to the Kenai Peninsula, your dream home.

Presentation at the 2019 Illinois Music Education Conference

It was such an honor to present this year about equitable representation of women and nonwhite composers in K-12 band and orchestra repertoire at the Illinois Music Education Conference! Our session was well-attended and received lots of positive feedback, but it was also such a treat to spend time with my dear Illinois music education friends and colleagues! Huge thanks to Dr. Mary Lynn Doherty and Dr. Chrissie D’Alexander for believing in this project and presenting with me.

Here is the list of programming resources we offered during our presentation. This is not an exhaustive list, but these resources will certainly help anyone who is looking to make their concert programming more representative of the students in their community and classroom:

2018 ASCAP Foundation Honors Ceremony

It was an absolute dream on December 12th to be honored with the Morton Gould Young Composer Award and asked to perform at the ASCAP Foundation Honors at Jazz at Lincoln Center! There was so much talent and pure joy at the event, and it is certainly a night that I will never forget. I am truly humbled with the recognition from ASCAP Foundation.

The piece that earned the award was MeiaA Song Cycle for Berimbau. This song cycle includes six pieces ranging from solo through sextet and can be found on the Innova Recordings album, MeiaMeia. Individual pieces in the song cycle, Meia, include: 

um só (performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center for this event)

Descobertas por pau e pedra


Queda de quatro

Mudança de onda

Apenas seja