Premiere of Berimbau Sextet, “Apenas Seja” on Tuesday, April 7th at Northern Illinois University

Tonight will be the premiere of my newest berimbau composition, Apenas Seja. It will be performed on the NIU Percussion Ensemble concert at 8 pm in the Boutell Memorial Concert Hall. Here are the program notes for the piece:

Apenas Seja (or “Just Be”) is a celebration of the past five semesters of composing for the Afro-Brazilian berimbau with Dr. Gregory Beyer. This sextet was written at a time when I was dealing with issues of self-confidence and my “artist statement,” so to speak. Writing this work helped me through that time and became a mental refuge that I could resort to for peace. One of the most inspiring mentors in my life once told me that I should just be, and everything will fall into place; this piece is dedicated to that philosophy. This composition explores various ostinati that pass through the ensemble, additive processes, and layered textures over seemingly simple and familiar harmonic progressions. Apenas Seja is also inspired by the music of Imogen Heap, the XX, and Emmy Rossum and is written for Projeto Arcomusical and the MeiaMeia song cycle.

I am looking forward to sharing this sextet with the community tonight! To see the performance on LIVE WEBCAST, please tune in here:



Northern Illinois University Video about Projeto Arcomusical

School of Music Students, Instructor to Perform Berimbau in Brazil

I am so grateful for all of the administrative support that Projeto Arcomusical has received in oder to record an album this summer and travel to Brazil. Check out the video NIU shot that talks about Dr. Greg Beyer’s Fulbright and the work that he and I have done over the course of five semesters!

“Sacred Spirits: Forces of Nature” to be performed at the 2015 Queens New Music Festival

I am thrilled to announce that my marimba and harp duet entitled “Sacred Spirits: Forces of Nature” will be performed by Ingrid Gordon and Susan Jolles of Percussia at the 2015 Queens New Music Festival! Their performance will be on Saturday, May 16th at 8 pm. The evening consists of “Music for Harps and Lots of Percussion,” and I am honored to have my composition included on this concert. For more information about the festival, here is a link to the site:

New Composition: “The Yellow Wallpaper,” for Solo Vibraphone with Speaking Percussionist

Please check out my newest composition for solo vibraphone with speaking percussionist entitled The Yellow Wallpaper:

This is my first composition that incorporates a speaking element in the music. The text is excerpted from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story about a woman who goes insane. The text and music intertwine because as the text becomes less sane, the music grows more out of control and hectic. I premiered this piece on my Senior Percussion Recital at Northern Illinois University on March 1, 2015.

I hope you enjoy!

Alexis Lamb Senior Percussion Recital with LIVE WEBCAST!

Alexis Lamb Senior Recital Poster

My first of two recitals this semester will be held on Sunday, March 1st at 1 pm. This will take place at the Northern Illinois University School of Music Recital Hall, and I will be performing works by:

Eric Sammut

Casey Cangelosi

Frederic Rzewski

Olivier Messiaen

Alexis C. Lamb (including a world premiere!), and

George Harrison

If you cannot attend in person and would like to tune in to the live webcast, please follow the link here:

I am super excited to share my love of music with the community, and I hope you enjoy!

Berimbau Quintet “Mudança de onda” Video Performance

Here is a video performance of my newest berimbau composition, Mudança de onda! This is part of the twelve-work song cycle that Gregory Beyer and I are co-composing for the berimbau. Mudança de onda was premiered at the Northern Illinois University Percussion Ensemble Concert on November 10, 2014 and was part of the Arcomusical PASIC 14 Tour.

This video was filmed at the Quilombo Cultural Center in Chicago, home of FICA-Chicago. Big thanks to Contramestre Beto Defreitas and Treinel Huu Nguyen for allowing us to record in their beautiful space! Enjoy!